The way our food is produced matters to us. We work with local farmers in the Vancouver Island community who employ regenerative practices; giving back to the land, and creating high quality products while keeping their footprint small.

We are proud to source from, and contribute our own products to Cow-Op – a Cowichan Valley based food cooperative which supports our local food system by bolstering the local economy, and contributes to the thriving agricultural scene in our region.  We take pride in the ingredients we use, and ensure nothing is wasted – making creative use of our “scraps” and diverting organics to our chef’s own backyard composting system. We know that what we put on the plate impacts not only our client’s experience, but the planet at large – and as such are offering a reimagining of traditional menu format for our clients who value sustainability as much as we do starting Spring 2023.  Sustainability is at the centre of our core values. Please see the link below for our sustainable catering package. We recognize the impact that running a business can have on its neighbours and community as a whole and we keep that responsibility at the front of our minds with every decision that we make.